Sheri was a tremendous help with providing new policies and procedures on how in this day and age to collect accounts quickly and more efficiently. 

Sheri was a tremendous help

Her expertise on how to set up accounts, managing accounts and closing accounts has changed our way of business and definitely enhanced our cash flow while maintaining a positive relationship with our customers.  Thanks Sheri!


Regina, Saskatchewan

Sheri-retouch2 copy.png


We have been working with Sheri for a year now. Sheri has done nothing but provide a very positive and easy experience helping with our collection accounts.

Sheri conducts her business with complete professionalism and efficiency.

We couldn't be happier with the results and would absolutely recommend Sheri to anyone.

tiffany mills

customer success operations manager

smedia regina

Sheri-Retouch1 copy.jpg


Over the past 7 months, Sheri has become a very beneficial asset to my company. Calling up people and asking for payments has never been a strength of mine. 

Sheri has improved my cashflow dramatically and frees up my time to focus on the operations and growth of my business.


 Sheri has been an awesome person to work with. She is absolutely one of the most positive, upbeat people I know. She cares about my company by treating my customers with respect when collecting payments. Even though accounts are overdue, I may still want to do repeat business with many of these customers.

 Sheri is great at building bridges with my customers rather than burning them down. If you are behind in collecting payments from customers, do not hesitate to give Sheri a call.



Sheri-retouch3 copy.png

Organized & eFficient

Sheri is highly organized, competent and efficient. She knows how to build relationships with people and she takes pride in getting things done.

Anyone who knows and works with Sheri is immediately impressed by her reliability and attention to detail

I consider myself very fortunate to have had her on my leadership campaign team and know that many of those she worked with would like to access her to be involved in other capacities.Sheri is an asset to any team. She will deliver results every time. 

Tina Beaudry-Mellor

Min. of advanced education, Min. responsible for innovation sask & sk health research foundation, status of women.


Specialized & Tenacious


Ms. Melnick has been associated with our firm for 20 years. She began with our firm in 1996 and was elevated to a prominent Management position. In 2007, she was promoted to Credit Manager for the province of Saskatchewan.

She hired and directed a team of account receivable specialists during her tenure with our firm.

... she is tenacious in collections and representing our firm as if it were her own.

Her team was in contact with 20,000+ active accounts with a 70% current receivables rate. Ms. Melnick has represented our firm in the court of law in various capacities and has produced case data that has assisted in favourable rulings. This experience ranges from mediation, small claims to full court proceedings.

We would also say that she is tenacious in collections and representing our firm as if it were her own.

Timothy R. Kramer

President | Kramer Ltd.


Sheri Melnick Consulting - Collect Aged Receivables

Knowledgeable & Motivational


I had the privilege of spending approximately four months working under Sheri as a summer student in the summer of 2013. Sheri was an incredible manager. She was a strong leader in our department and ensured we worked co-operatively and to ensure accuracy and great amounts of productivity in our department.

Sheri is incredibly knowledgeable about credit. This knowledge brought efficiency to our department.


Sheri is incredibly knowledgeable about credit. This knowledge brought efficiency to our department. She was someone that all employees could come too, and she always knew the answer. She was also someone who was willing to share this knowledge, and ensure that the department was always running smoothly. She was also very reliable, and someone the company could always trust, whether it be to assess the risk of a deal, or to collect accounts receivables. She was also always incredibly personable to our customers and someone they enjoyed interacting with.

Working in the credit department under Sheri inspired me to enter a career in finance. She continues to be one of my biggest motivators and someone I aspire to be like as I continue my career.

Jade Hoffman

Financial Advisor 1-inbound at Conexus Credit Union

Sheri Melnick Consulting - Prevent Bad Debt

Hardworking & Studious


I have known Sheri Melnick for about 20 years and the progress she has made in her career is absolutely incredible.

She took on the role of Credit Manager at Kramer Ltd and made it her mission to succeed.

She never quits. And she never stops learning.


She has an insatiable appetite to learn new things. She never quits. And she never stops learning. This is accomplished by being a hard worker who is dedicated to doing the job.

She brings honesty, integrity and respect to clients and colleagues.

These qualities have earned her the respect of all who deal with her.


Bob Perry

CFO | Kramer Ltd


Professionalism & Congeniality

We began working with Sheri to reduce some of our aging  accounts receivables.  From day 1, Sheri impressed us with her professionalism dealing with our clients. 

Her organization, communication and dedication to help our company was top notch

Her organization, communication and dedication to help our company was top notch. We highly recommend Sheri's consulting firm to anyone that is in need of her services. 

Kelvin Lloyd

Graham's Tire Service Ltd.


Dedicated & steadfast

Sheri and I worked for the same company for many years. I retired five years ago from this company and began a business of my own with my significant other.

she did what
was necessary to get this bill collected

I was having  a problem in collecting from a customer. I passed the information regarding my customer and Sheri did what was necessary to get this bill collected, it took along time but the customer did pay me. I would definitely recommend Sheri if you have a problem collecting a bill from your customers.



persistent & attentive

I called on Sheri to help collect for an unpaid invoice for services rendered.  Sheri was the ultimate professional and did her utmost to research and investigate my client. 

Sheri is a great resource to have available

She helped put my mind at ease knowing that all avenues possible had been explored.  Going forward, Sheri helped me implement procedures within my company to reduce the risk of future situations like this.  Sheri is a great resource to have available – especially for small businesses such as mine!

Bonnie Fenrick A. Sc. T.

Bonnie J. Fenrick Design & Drafting

Copy of Sheri_Melnick_print_20160929-19.jpg

professional & effective

Our Company was extremely honoured to be introduced to the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Sheri is extremely professional and effective

Sheri is extremely professional and effective. She really has become an integral part of our team and that's what matters the most.  Sheri has our back and truly cares about our success as a company.

Regan Hinchcliffe

Regina, Saskatchewan