Some of the things you can expect from me when dealing with credit situations are:

  • Meet with customers to understand their credit needs and requirements

  • Minimize Corporate exposure while increasing revenues

  • Accountable for the entire credit granting process

  • Knowledge of DNB, Equifax and Sterling credit reporting agencies, collection procedures, and thorough credit granting process for new and existing customers

  • Confident and assertive manner

  • Ability to maintain a highly productive attitude while administering to the needs of difficult clients

  • Customer-focused, performance oriented, consistently demonstrating: Respect, Integrity, Trust, Professionalism and Accountability when working closely with Customers, Company Owners, President, CFO, VPs, Senior Managers, and all levels of Staff Members

debt recovery

Debt Recovery

There is a  statute of limitation on aged invoices. If you have invoices that are approaching this critical deadline, I can help you collect on these before it’s too late. You deserve to be paid for your work and I can make that happen. With an understanding but assertive approach I will ensure that your aging invoices don’t end up in the graveyard of lost revenue.

regina credit management

credit management

Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate the financial implications of credit. It can be intimidating for both customers and the companies they wish to do business with. I have extensive knowledge and experience with credit management and I can help you facilitate credit management with a respectful but no nonsense demeanor. 


Creation of Credit Policies & Procedures

New to the credit game? Or need to set up some policies and procedures to ensure your business is collecting on the revenue you have worked so hard for? I can help you implement and maintain credit policies and procedures that will assist in preventing  aging a/r and bad debt write offs. Not only will I help you create these policies and procedures I will also coach you and your staff on how to maintain them.



Persistence pays off, follow up for payment, ensuring customers are not overextending themselves.



Professional Collaboration with Legal Counsel

Sometimes, despite best efforts things can go wrong and when they do, I will be by your side to negotiate your rights. No one wants to be in a situation where they are forced to seek legal counsel but sometimes there is no other remedy available.

Let's work together

Ongoing Consulting Retainers

I will work with you on a monthly basis to ensure that collection calls are being made, follow-ups are diarized and that your employees are on board to achieve success with the policies and procedures you have set up. I will coach you and your team on an ongoing basis with a compassionate and no nonsense approach to help you prevent having bad debt and uncollected bills.