What does your financial future hold?

You Shouldn't Have to be a psychic
To Understand Your Financials

Your business bank account can feel like a revolving door, but the problem comes when we aren’t paying enough attention to what is going in and out. Are you missing opportunities by disregarding the details that will make your business profitable? 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of taking on the challenge of reorganizing and cleaning up your accounts, a Demystify Session could be the solution you are looking for. It is important to get help when you need it, before the situation worsens. 

In our time together, Sheri taught me so much and helped me turn my books around. I’m so thankful to know if I need advice I can just call her. I’m not alone with my finances anymore.
— Heather Murphy, Authentically

This Session is for you if: 

  • You are worried about your business finances 
  • You are concerned with the state of your accounts receivable (A/R) 
  • You are confused about CRA or source deduction remittances 
  • You need help preparing financial statements 
  • You require guidance with loan applications 
  • You are experiencing high growth and need direction 
  • You are taking on too much personal risk for your business 

How can I prepare?

To prepare for this session I will ask for some materials to review in advance, followed by a one hour session where we will go over your materials and goals together. There is never any judgment, and everything is completely confidential. Once I get a feel and understanding of your situation, I will develop a report with an action plan to help you get things on track. 

Sheri has improved my cashflow dramatically and frees up my time to focus on the operations and growth of my business.
Sheri is incredibly knowledgeable about credit. This knowledge brought efficiency to our department.

A sale isn’t a sale until there is money in the bank.

What business financial processes are in place? That's where Sheri comes in.

I Can Help.

Meet Sheri Melnick

Sheri knows first-hand how the stress of under-managed finances and accounts receivable can impact a businesses longevity and the health of the leader. Addressing worries and strategizing for improved cash flow, calling in accounts receivable and proper deduction and submission of all remittances can not only improve business function, but quality of life. With a look at everything from financial statements, loan applications, reducing personal risk, and providing direction in navigating change and growth, Sheri has proven to be a powerful leader and mentor.

Do you know how you are spending
and collecting your money? Do you know
when and how your money is getting
into your bank account and what kind of
fees are attached?

Does your bank balance reflect your
hard work? That’s where I come in. Let’s
demystify your accounts.
— Sheri Melnick

In your session I will:

1. Pin point the trouble areas 

2. Provide a strategy and action plan to help you remedy any issues 

3. Coach you how to heal your accounts and get you producing profit

INVESTMENT: $500 (+ tax)