Why Keeping Accurate Records can save your business.


It is important to document each action you take with clients in a diary entry.


I make sure to diarize everything I do from follow up calls, to check-ins. By keeping proper documentation not only will you be keeping your customers accountable, it also allows you to CYA! (cover your arse) 


Lip service can be a regular issue when dealing with delinquent clients. Sure, sometimes legitimate situations arise which hinders a payment, but if you are not documenting each conversation, these excuses and situations can build up and payments can be delayed again and again. If you have a payment procedure in place which requires a deposit before any work has begun, and your client is months late paying your deposit - document this. CYA.


 "I was managing the accounts of a very large company here in Regina. They had a high level of aged accounts that I worked on collecting for them."

As part of my process, I diarized every contact, communication and follow up I had with these clients. In the end, there were some cases that ended up in the court system and I was able to create an accurate timeline and was called on as a representative/witness. By having clear precise documentation I was able to produce case data that  assisted in favourable rulings.



 Do you have the proper documentation in place to CYA?

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