As we move forward into the Spring season, (slowly but surely) the urge to purge begins! 


Spring Cleaning is an itch that we are familiar with. That feeling we get to pair down, organize and clean..clean..clean! You know what I mean. All those takeout menus that get tucked away in the junk drawer, or those faded towels that get stuffed to the back of the linen closet, even that tote of old clothes sitting in your laundry room, waiting to be donated. There is something about Spring that gives us a new set of eyes, and those new eyes can't stand to look at the clutter for another second!

The same thing happens with your business accounts. Things get set aside throughout the year and tend to pile up. You have every intention of entering and filing those receipts or compiling those financial statements or even mailing out those payment reminders. But the truth is, these things can get lost in the shuffle and finding the time to dedicate to these forgotten tasks can be difficult. That is why I am offering a Spring Cleaning Package. Let me take the weight off your shoulders.


If you are :

  • Worried about finances
  • Concerned with the state of your A/R
  • Need help with  CRA or source reduction remittances
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Require guidance with loan applications
  • Are experiencing high growth and need direction


Then this package could be just what you need. Here is how the Spring Cleaning Package works.


For a fee of $500.00* we will schedule a 1 hour one on one session where you bring in your financials. Together we will go over your materials and establish a strategy. I can't stress enough that there is never any judgment and everything is completely confidential. Once I get a feel and understanding of your situation, I will develop a detailed report with an action plan to help you get things back on track.


Okay, so now you have your report and action plan, what do you do now?


The report and action plan will give you a detailed list of the dilemmas and obstacles along a game plan to remedy them. At this point, you can take all of the information and heal your accounts yourself, or you can bring me into your business on a retainer basis to get everything running smoothly. 

Let's get those cobwebs out of your accounts and get Spring Cleaning together. Contact me today.

306 520 4009.



*Cost of the package does not include any taxes or administration fees