How many hats do you wear?

Small business is big business.

According to the October publication of Saskatchewan Small Business Profile 2017 from the Ministry of the Economy Performance and Strategic Initiatives Division, small businesses – businesses with fewer than 50 employees – account for over 98.8% of the more than 150,000 business enterprises in the province. That is pretty darn amazing!

Being a small business owner is so rewarding and comes with many perks. In the same breath, it can be overwhelming stressful and exhausting.

The ability to wear many hats becomes an art form. 

As small business owners, we tend to take care of every element related to our business. From sales, customer service, invoicing and billing to payment collection, account management receipt entry, office duties, and even shipping and receiving. Just to name a few. WHEW! That's a lot of hats! Because we own our own business the pressure is on to keep things orderly, keep transactions prompt, get that money in the bank all while creating and maintaining customer relations. 

Small business owners most definitely have the workload to justify additional assistance but don't always have big budgets or extra funds to put towards acquiring that help. This is where I can come into play.


Your success is my main goal. I can tailor my services for businesses of any size and any budget.



I am here to help your finances, not hinder them. Your success is my main goal. I can tailor my services to businesses of any size and any budget. I can consult and train as needed or I can work with you on a monthly basis. Whatever is needed to ensure you achieve success!

For more information on how I can help your small business, contact me today.

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