Mentorship - support that will make your business thrive.


Many businesses chug along through their daily processes and all is well, at least on the surface.


Some companies do a fantastic job of portraying an organized, professional and strong image. But when you dig a little deeper, their accounts are in complete disarray. This is not to say that these companies are not thriving and successful, just that their processes need to be re-structured, managed and maintained.


One way to help solve this is to outsource the accounts to a reliable, trustworthy professional.

With outsourcing, all of the pressure is taken off. You can run the front end of your business and focus solely on clients and bringing in cash flow, while my team takes care of all of the A/R. Learn more about outsourcing your accounts with me, here.


Another option is to bring in the support of a mentor.

My mentorship program allows you, the business owner to bring my consulting corporation in on a monthly basis, to guide, teach and assist with the managing and maintaining of your accounts. We will work with you to ensure that collection calls are being made, follow-ups are diarized and that your employees are on board to achieve success with the policies and procedures you have set up. I will coach you and your team on an ongoing basis with a compassionate and no-nonsense approach to help you prevent having bad debt and uncollected bills. Learn more about my mentorship program here.


You have the skills, talent, and expertise to build your business. I am here to help you manage your accounts and your cash flow - so you can focus on growth. Contact me today to learn more.

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