In the ideal world, we would all start our businesses with the right policies and procedures in place to ensure we get paid on time. This is not always the case.

 I am shifting my business model to help startups establish key-relationships before they really get into a mess.

Getting support from a trusted advisor on how to establish your business on firm-footing helps provide you with the tools for success. Imagine never struggling to collect on an invoice? Wouldn’t that be a dream?    

Some areas that get neglected by clients are:

  1. Making sure their business follows a beneficial legal structure
  2. Working closely with an accountant to get invoices in place
  3.  Set clients up to remit appropriate fees
  4. Look at contracts to ensure their best interests are covered
  5. Look at payment structures

 Bringing an advisor in early will help you avoid costly mistakes and set you up for success.

I really enjoy setting up a solid foundation for growth. I can come in and work alongside you and your clients as a partner at any stage. I enjoy the challenge of getting things back into line when they’ve gone south but look forward to the benefit of starting off on a positive note.


Do you have an advisor you can trust, and who freely shares information with you? Call or email me today.I will be your partner in profitability and help guide you and your business to success. 

306 520 4009.