Good Cop Bad Cop: Collecting Your Accounts Together.


No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Gee, I hope I can’t pay my bills today…” 


But unfortunately it is a situation that arises much too often. Sometimes it is hard to ask for what you deserve to be paid, but invoices that age beyond 90 days have an increased probability of going to the revenue graveyard.


 I’ve played “bad cop” for my clients so they can be "good cop" and customers are actually happier with my support.


I’m usually called in when things go too far. I wish I was coming in at the "procedures" stage instead of being called in at the  "miracle worker with aged receivables" stage, but I wear both hats proudly and I pride myself in being your partner in profitability.


 I was called in to work with a company to help reduce their aged receivables. This business had high levels of sales and invoices going out every month, but no one was following up for payment. Eventually these aged receivables started affecting their bottom line. With my process, I was able to collect on these unpaid invoices, revive their cash flow and most importantly keep the customer. I now oversee their accounts every month to ensure they get paid for the work they have done


I can help you at any stage of your business. Together we will analyze when you are getting money and if it is affecting your bottom line. We will make sure that someone is always working on your receivable accounts and following up to make sure they aren’t going to the revenue graveyard.


Do you have someone following up on your receivables when they pass 30 days? 

Call or email me today.I will be your partner in profitability and help guide you and your business to success. 

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